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At first glance, fries are the most popular side dish in the restaurant business, especially in fast-food restaurants. Therefore, every professional kitchen must have a commercial French fry cutter.

Indeed, any restaurant owner or chef must think about making the cutting and preparation of fries easier with a suitable utensil. Thus, you will find several models of Commercial fry cutters: stainless steel and with suction cup fixation...

Moreover, the cutting of fresh fries must be done in record time and without cluttering the kitchen. Thus, the French fry cutters, in commercial restaurants as well as in communities, must allow the realization of several cuts.

Therefore, an adequate professional equipment must allow to cut up to 270 kilos of fries per hour. The stainless steel structure of the French fry cutters also allows washing with water without risk of altering the stainless steel blades.

Finally, you can vary your creations according to the different sizes and grids. Indeed, you will find different knife and pusher kits, with a cut from 6 to 10 mm. Removable and interchangeable, the grids are bolted on a stainless steel fry cutter to allow you to cut from 4 to five potatoes per minute.

commercial french fry cutter

Commercial French fry cutter: an essential kitchen utensil

commercial potato cutter

First of all, the French fry cutter is a piece of kitchen equipment for cutting potatoes quickly and evenly. This way, you can easily make fries or potatoes.

However, some people use this kitchen equipment for cutting fruits or vegetables. So, you can garnish salads with sticks for dinner appetizers.

On the other hand, you can offer your customers nice uniform home fries. This will allow you to cook your fries in the same way.

Characteristics of the Commercial French fry cutter

At first glance, the French fry cutter is a kitchen accessory made of stainless steel and cast aluminum. Moreover, its steel grids and blades allow you to cut vegetables and fruits effortlessly. Thus, you can have different thicknesses of grids: 6x6 β€” 9 x 9 β€” 13 x 13 and special potatoes.

In addition, the plastic handle ensures a perfect grip for a quick and easy vegetable cutting.

Moreover, you will find models with a wall or table mounting to facilitate preparations.

Finally, the fry cutter is also equipped with 4 suction feet and an adapted cutting board.

commercial french fry cutter blade

To choose the best Commercial fry cutter

stainless steel

First of all, different criteria must be taken into account to choose the best fry cutter or mandolin. Indeed, you have to take into consideration, not only the quality-price ratio, but also the use and ergonomics of your future catering equipment. Also, you must identify your needs in terms of a drip tray, a peeler, the different sizes of stainless steel blades and the desired cutting thickness beforehand...

Moreover, you must choose equipment that is easy to clean, not cumbersome, to be placed on the table or fixed to the wall...

On the other hand, your utensils to make French fries must complete with the kitchen knife or the cutter to cut quickly.

Finally, you should mainly identify your needs and consult a buying guide or advice to make the right purchase.

Why our commercial fry cutters?

The ease of cutting

With high-quality equipment, cutting is very easy: fast and efficient. Our Commercial fry cutters are designed for frequent and intense use. They are sturdy and long-lasting for long-term efficiency. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel blades, the slicing is optimal.

Speed of preparation

Produce more in less time and with little effort with our Commercial fry cutters. They are therefore ideal for professional cooks: you will save time and energy for increased productivity. The parts can be completely disassembled and easily washed, thus offering long-lasting efficiency for a hygienic kitchen.

The diversity of dishes

Our commercial fry cutters are multi-functional: make different sized fries, but also fruit or vegetable preparations thanks to the various blades, grids and pushers. Several tools in one to save space and time.

Professionalism in your kitchen

Designed with superior quality, our stainless steel fry cutters are stronger and have a longer life span than traditional models. Sold with an attractive quality/price ratio, it is an interesting and profitable investment.