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If French Fry Cutters are so famous with home fries lovers, it is mostly due to their simplicity of use and their evident ergonomics.In fact, these devices were made to make cutting your regular sticks more accessible thanks to the particularities of the French fry cutters. The form of lengthy lever, an ergonomic handle that follows the appearance of the hand and non-slip suction feet will permit young also old alike to enjoy their repast effortlessly.The presence of rubber feet or a non-slip surface will guarantee repeated cutting without interruption so that big quantities can be cut in a lowest of time.Secondly, the balance and stability of the machine will help it from being mobile during usage, which would unavoidably damage it if it were to drop. We also provide several models with specific characteristics to optimize your preparations and encounter your gourmet needs. Wall-mounted, electric or manual fry cutters all own their own benefits that you can find out when you purchase one. Cut and slice without moderation before cooking your fries, equip yourself with your cutlery and enjoy your fries as regular and uniform as delectable.

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Although the French Fry Cutters are designed to make regular sticks, it is possible to make French fries or other fruit and vegetable sticks of different sizes depending on the blades. These blades are sharp and made only of stainless steel, which allows you to cut your potato or other vegetable whatever its size or hardness thanks to extremely sharp knives. Our wide range of French fry cutters offers several devices with multiple blades and grids for the pusher system, ranging from 3 to 13 mm, to satisfy all lovers of French fries. The choice of your stainless steel blades is particularly important if you want a professional model and to be able to choose the size of your French fries sticks before plunging them into the oil of your fryer or in your oven to cook them. You should also know that the grids are both removable and very accessible, so you can easily clean them, either by hand or in the dishwasher, before drying them on a rack. Use your favorite blade to cut your fries to the size you choose and let your imagination run wild for more succulent and varied dishes. We generally recommend a blade close to 10 mm if you are not sure where to start, a standard size used by many cooks.



Because Nelly Rosso prioritizes quality above all, we also offer a wide range of professional French fry cutters so that food service professionals can also find what they need. With a focus on sturdiness and durability, our professional equipment allows you to slice while answering all the problems related to a commercial use. The sanitary aspect is totally respected, due to materials designed for intensive and repeated use, while simplicity and speed of use are also present.Once you own a professional French fry cutter, you will not hesitate to abandon your knife and cutting board as well as your other unsuitable plastic utensils. You should also know that many people take on the Commercial French fry cutter without it being for professional usage. This sensible choice gives the person the guarantee of long-lasting cutting with all the extra benefits it gives to overcome the restrictions of household appliances.Just like us, put the spotlight on professional French fry cutters and their limitless quality to cut numerous portions of fries and fill your customers' bellies with fries. Whether you possess a star restaurant or a simple French fry shop, this professional material is just the right one for you.

we invite you to discover our collection of commercial french fry cutters to see all of our most famous fry cutters for professionals.

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If all our French fries cutters can accompany you for so many years during the conception of your future fresh fries, it is notably thanks to a large proportion of models made of stainless steel. This material, also called stainless steel, is very present in the kitchen utensils industry, just like cast iron. This is due to all the benefits offered by this element.Whether in terms of longevity or sanitary aspect, stainless steel is the number one reference in the field of French Fry cutters and we have comprehended this during a long time. The advantages of this metallic element are no more to be proven, anti-corrosive and possessing ideal healthy properties, it is the armour of your slicer so that this one cuts as long as you want it. Stainless steel requires very little investment to clean, so save your energy for eating your home fries the way they should be. Finally, this iron-based alloy also has the particularity of being 100% infinitely recyclable, making you participate indirectly in sustainable development and in maintaining a planet that suffers less. We are particularly keen to respect these values which are rarely associated with fast-food restaurants, signs placed under the sign of French fries, among others. Contribute to this change of mentality by making homemade fries that are healthier, less expensive, and that will make your friends and family want to join the game.



Because these efficient and solid kitchen accessories are not limited to cutting your potatoes for traditional fries, we also offer kitchen mandolins and other multifunction tools. Find out new horizons in your several cuts and take on a one kitchen utensil for many complementary functions without buying a further kitchen accessory, or even many. Access to this wide range is ideal for gourmets who want an appliance that can make several types of sticks as well as veggie and fruit cubes, slices, juliennes, slices, chips or grated and peeled foods and other popular cuts. Since this multifunctional aspect should meet all your expectations whatever the food, you can work with an incredible variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, celery and cultivated carrot, in addition to potatoes of course, to make delicious sticks. All you require is a peeler and you're all set. This new way of preparing your vegetables will make youngsters want to eat them. They can also participate in designing their own dishes since the mandoline is a very easy to use and safe kitchen utensil, so enjoy this family moment. Generally dismountable, the kitchen mandolin is as ergonomic as it is efficient, since it is easy to clean for impeccable hygiene. Frying recipes, like all other preparations in your kitchen, must have a high sanitary level, which is why we insist on this point, among others.

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Since many of our cutters offer various blade sizes (cutter/hatcher type), you know that you can let your creativity work by making all kinds of dishes according to your recipes or your desires. Knowing that fries are not only differentiated by their size but also by their shape, we also propose match-shaped fries cutters as well as wavy fries cutters to be able to exploit all the possibilities of fries, limiting factor with kitchen knives. You will no longer have an excuse not to try to change the conventions by cooking new types of fries just as crispy and with the flavors so appreciated by gourmets. Indeed, the different recipes of fries are not limited to fried mussels or sweet potato fries, to discover this, take a look at our numerous articles on the subject. Regarding vegetable sticks, they can also be effortlessly made to accompany your meals with appetizers and sauces to enjoy. By the way, don't hesitate to send us your plates and the original culinary creations they contain by email or on our different social networks to appear on them. Finally, don't forget to keep your French fries and enjoy yourself, alone, with family or friends.